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The order processing system that you will find with your website will certainly help the administration of your business. Most aspects of the ordering process are automatic, with only a few items needing attention. The ordering process system will allow you to keep detailed records of every order from your website and also your POS customers, giving you a fantastic level of integration and ease when it comes to administration. Reports can also be created regularly and exported to your accounting software.

The order processing system is broken down into three simple steps. The first is order payment, in the form of several different secure methods. Once payment is taken (via payment processing) the order progresses to authorisation, where the payment is validated to protect against fraud. The last step is the processing stage; the stage allowing you to make full use of all of the features our order management system offers. During the processing stage, the product can be scanned or manually entered into your ordering system, allowing for the unique information of that item to be logged for that particular order. By inputting this information the order and items can be monitored throughout the order, and also be used for your inventory and stock control. Storing product identification information can also be a great help if an item is returned, or for future reference.

Addresses are automatically assigned to each order and the shipping details stored, ready for collection at the end of the day to prevent errors. Shipping details, such as tracking numbers are stored as soon as the order is collected by the chosen courier.

 Everyday the order processing system will create a manifest containing all of the information about the da's orders and dispatches. Information stored will include order number, name and address, item serial or identification and shipping features, such as tracking number, estimated delivery and number of parcels shipped.

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