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Producing your own website often feels like a brilliant achievement, but these days, a website is just the first step into advertising and operating your business online.. Now you need to ensure that all of your potential customers can find your website and this is where search engine marketing is essential!

There are several different ways that will result in a customer visiting your website. Maybe a friend referred them to you, or they saw an advert in the media or at an event. They could have even clicked on a link on another website or internet forum. These are all great ways of finding customers, but there is one method that out stripes them all; by searching you’re your company or services using a search engine, such as Google and MSN . A search engine is used to search for a product, company or even information by using a keyword or phrase. For a customer to be directed to your website however, it must be seen by the search engine. Global 7 can make your website more visible and therefore more likely to be clicked by a potential customer with our fantastic search engine marketing!ico-search.gif

Unless you have a very particular niche business subject you are likely to be competing with hundreds of thousands of other websites to get your website on that all important first page of search engine results. With many tools and trick available to use, we at Global 7 can really help you get your website seen by the largest number of potential visitors and customers.

We have a great track record in search engine optimisation; just take a look at our portfolio where you will find websites that are getting millions of hits per month! Anyone can use your tools too, so whenever you update a page on your website you can add new keywords and tags to help the search engine find your website more easily. A website with brilliant search engine marketing is the best way to advertise your business, and at Global 7 we would be delighted to help you advertise your business in the most effective way possible.

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